We accept insurance from major health providers. However, please verify if your insurance benefit package covers acupuncture or not – call your insurance company first to verify this because only some  insurance companies with certain benefit packages cover acupuncture treatment.

If your insurance package covers acupuncture, and you would like to use your insurance, please provide the following information at least three business days prior to your appointment by texting the following information to cell phone (281) 323-9219:

  • Patient Name:

  • Gender:

  • Date of birth(mm/dd/yyyy):

  • Insurance carrier:

  • ID number:

  • Insurance company’s phone number(front or back of card):

  • Purpose to visit my clinic:

  • Address zip code: 

If insured name is different from patient, I need following information too.

  • Insured Name:

  • Insured DOB(mm/dd/yyyy):

  • Relationship with patient:

We will verify your coverage, and if necessary arrange payment for services not covered, or co-pay. Please bring your insurance card.

About Insurance